Posted by: Rainbow | November 23, 2009

New Blog!

I am working on a new blog, and here it is! I’m still trying to tweak a few things, but I figure you might as well see it now!  We will be posting content on there from now on, so goodbye this blog 🙂

Posted by: Rainbow | October 25, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Mom & Dad brought so many great outfits for this little guy, and he looked so adorable in each one.  He may look familiar because we did his newborn photos a while back.  I love seeing how much they have changed from their sleepy/skinny newborn stage to their giggly/chubby baby stage.  Although this guy was neither sleepy nor skinny at his newborn shoot.  Newborn shoots tend to be more artistic, and this age (6months +) the shoots are more fun & lively.

So jealous of those lashes!2Baines037web Sometimes hats don’t stay on for very long.  I love baby costumes, and I’ve got to agree with his shirt!2Baines052web2Baines064web2Baines118web

What a happy little guy…even after so many wardrobe changes he was still smiling like a champ!

Posted by: Rainbow | October 25, 2009


Being pregnant is quite amazing.  I can still remember my little Emily hiccuping and kicking me in the ribs.  Now she just kicks me from the outside 🙂  It really is a special time of being close to your baby, waiting, and preparing.  This mama-to-be was so calm & serene, pregnancy really agrees with her.  She really had the “wow, you are glowing” look.  Can’t wait to meet your little one!


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